APRIL Group is one of the largest, technologically advanced and efficient producers of fiber, pulp and paper products in the world.

This 2013-14 report covers APRIL Group’s operations in Indonesia, where it’s manufacturing, fiber plantations and conservation areas are located and where it has significant engagement with the community and the surrounding environment.

Some highlights include:

  • In that time APRIL Group launched the Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP), applying a set of commitments and standards across the company and its long-term suppliers.
  • APRIL Group has generated 90,000 employment opportunities, with more than 5,400 directly employed.
  • Eco-system restoration projects contribute a further 40,000 hectares, ensuring that sensitive ecosystems and wildlife are effectively protected.

“Good business is about what is good for the community, country and company. Only then will it be sustainable.” – Sukanto Tanoto, Founder

Download the full report here.