As an effort to increase farm productivity, Nestlé opens banking and financing access for 20,000 farmers in Tanggamus, Bandar Lampung through TCASH-BTPN Wow!. TCASH-BTPN Wow! is an innovation which enable cashless payments and branchless banking services for its customers.

With the seamless financial access, these farmers who supplied coffee beans for NESCAFÉ is expected to be able to manage their income better, including in securing loans which may help them to increase their productivity through, for example, cultivation program.

The TCASH-BTPN Wow! service launched nationally on 18 April 2016 in Ciampea village, Bogor, West Java has made it possible for farmers to perform transactions through mobile phone such as secure saving accounts with monthly interest, no administration fee and without minimum balance.

In addition, TCASH-BTPN Wow! will facilitate the transaction between farmers and the joint enterprise group for coffee farmers (KUB) and the collective traders, as well as ease up the purchasing of farming equipment in stores who have collaborated with TCASH-BTPN Wow!.

Before it was launched, TCASH-BTPN Wow! has gone through a trial period since mid-March 2016 in five cities such as Lampung, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Cirebon and Bogor.

TCASH-BTPN Wow! is a collaborative effort to assist the government in the National Movement to a Cashless Society (GNNT) and the acceleration of financial inclusion in Indonesia, particularly for the unbanked segment.